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jobs: New system announced to recognise education certificates issued abroad


Jun 21, 2023 #JOBS, #UAE

The UAE’s Ministry of Education has announced a new system that will replace the ‘university qualification equivalency’ scheme for degrees issued by foreign higher education institutions (HEIs). The system recognises university certificates issued from outside the UAE.The new ‘university certificates recognition’ system will help individuals continue their education or apply for jobs in the UAE.The scheme has eliminated several criteria and conditions from the previous system. These include the need for attesting previous degrees and a minimum physical presence requirement. It also eliminates other conditions like credit transfer limits and distance learning credit caps.

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“Obtaining certificates entirely through distance learning (or e-learning) is also now permitted. All programmes are subject to these updates, except certificates related to specialised professions like engineering, medicine, and law,” the ministry said in a statement.Recognition criteria now includes the category of the HEI where the certificate was issued. “In other words, the lower the rank of the HEI, the more conditions and requirements are applied to attain recognition. For example, for universities ranked from 1-200, it is enough to verify the validity of the certificate, and no other criteria or conditions are required for recognition, excluding certificates related to specialised professions.

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”Certificates related to certain specialisations are immediately recognised once their validity is verified. The university is accredited in case it ranked 601 and above, without any additional conditions or criteria.Dr Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of Education, said the updated system aims to offer students streamlined and adaptable services in completing their educational or employment procedures. “Additionally, it simplifies the recognition process while upholding the UAE’s commitment to maintaining high-quality and credible educational standards.

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“The Ministry of Education has adopted the new system … after communicating and consulting with all relevant authorities and taking into consideration the observations and suggestions of students on ways to develop the current services we offer.We were committed to ensuring that the new system takes into account those institutions’ international rankings and field of specialisation, in alignment with national and Ministry standards.”

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