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Resilience Amidst Ruin: Fujairah Businesses Rebuild After Devastating Floods


Dec 26, 2023 #UAE

Fujairah, UAE – The heavy rains that swept through Fujairah in July 2022 left a trail of destruction, with many businesses grappling to recover and rebuild from the ground up. Despite facing immense challenges, several entrepreneurs have showcased remarkable resilience, drawing strength from unexpected acts of kindness and the hope for a brighter future.

One such story is that of BK, an Afghan expatriate who lost his successful plantation and nursery near the corniche. Devastated by the floodwaters that washed away his entire inventory, BK faced an uncertain future. However, a kind-hearted individual, whose farmhouse BK had beautified earlier, approached him with a gesture of goodwill. The man not only helped clean up the debris from the garden but also gifted BK Dh25,000, reigniting hope.

Empowered by this unexpected support, BK set up a new nursery, demonstrating the power of community and borrowed hope in the face of adversity.

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Another tale of resilience comes from Badr ul Siddiq, the owner of a grocery store in a vulnerable low-lying area. Forced to close his store for nearly a month due to the floods, Siddiq received a lifeline from an Emirati customer who extended a loan of Dh50,000. This act of generosity enabled Siddiq to rebuild and reopen his store, emphasizing the strength found in unexpected connections.

Fodder and feed trader Sadiq Khan faced staggering losses of approximately Dh1 million during the floods. Despite the significant setback, his younger brother, Akbar, remains optimistic about a complete recovery in the coming months. The brothers draw strength from their confidence and hope for the future.

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Even smaller establishments, like a sports shop that lost over Dh70,000 worth of inventory, are striving to bounce back. Having donated and discarded items post-flood, the shopkeeper is hopeful for increased business during the winter months as residents engage in more physical activities.

As the community rallies together and entrepreneurs demonstrate resilience, there is a shared anticipation of recovery and growth this winter. These stories of perseverance showcase the indomitable spirit of the business community in Fujairah, proving that even in the face of calamity, hope and collective support can pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

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