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Guidelines for Donations During Ramadan in the UAE


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As UAE residents prepare for the charitable spirit of Ramadan, it’s essential to understand the permissible and prohibited practices regarding donations. Here’s a breakdown of the do’s and don’ts:

Fundraising Laws:

  • A federal law governs fundraising to ensure that charity reaches those in genuine need.
  • Donations must be made through licensed charitable organizations only.

Assistance to Family and Friends:

  • Residents can support and assist family members, friends, and neighbors in need.
  • Donations should not exceed permissible limits and should not substitute the work of licensed charities.

Distribution of Iftar Meals:

  • It is allowed to distribute iftar meals in mosques and neighborhoods.

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Role of Restaurants:

  • Restaurants can accept donations to prepare meals but must coordinate with charitable associations for distribution.

Prohibited Practices:

  • Residents should avoid participating in unlicensed donation campaigns on social media.
  • Collecting funds from relatives and friends for charitable organizations, domestically or internationally, is discouraged.
  • Engaging in financial speculations or distributing revenues to members and employees of licensed entities is prohibited.

Donation Channels:

  • Donations can include clothes and money to licensed charitable organizations.
  • Various channels such as funds, SMS, exhibitions, auctions, charity events, and digital platforms are available for donations.
  • Violations can be reported to the ministry’s call center for legal action.

Penalties for Violations:

  • Penalties for flouting the law range from Dh200,000 to Dh500,000 fines and/or imprisonment.

In summary, adherence to the guidelines ensures that charitable donations reach those in need efficiently and transparently. As residents engage in the spirit of generosity during Ramadan, understanding and following these regulations contribute to the effective distribution of charity across the community.

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