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Abu Dhabi Police Spotlight Dangers of Road Stopping, Advocating Safety Measures


Mar 27, 2024 #travel, #UAE

Abu Dhabi Police’s proactive approach to road safety education took center stage once again as they shared a stark reminder of the perils associated with stopping in the middle of the road. In a 45-second video clip released on Tuesday, the Police highlighted multiple incidents where such reckless behavior led to catastrophic multi-car collisions, underscoring the critical need for adherence to traffic laws.

Incidents and Consequences: The surveillance footage depicted four separate instances of drivers halting their vehicles in the midst of traffic flow, triggering a chain reaction of collisions. From an SUV halting due to a fallen car part to a 4WD vehicle causing a domino effect, each scenario illustrated the potential devastation wrought by such actions. The resulting collisions not only endangered the lives of those involved but also disrupted traffic flow and inflicted significant damage to vehicles.

Legal Ramifications and Safety Measures: Abu Dhabi Police reiterated the stringent penalties associated with this violation under federal traffic laws, including a Dh1,000 fine and six black points. Emphasizing the importance of prioritizing safety, drivers were advised to avoid halting in the middle of the road at all costs, opting instead to pull over at the nearest exit or emergency area. In cases of unavoidable breakdowns, immediate contact with emergency services via 999 was urged to mitigate risks and facilitate swift assistance.

Directive from Authorities: Brigadier Mahmoud Yousef Al Balushi, Director of the Traffic and Security Patrols Directorate, emphasized specific safety measures to be adopted in the event of vehicle breakdowns. Drivers were urged to promptly move their vehicles away from traffic lanes, utilize emergency areas, and deploy reflective emergency triangles to warn approaching vehicles. Al Balushi stressed the paramount importance of prioritizing the safety of both occupants and other road users, advocating for swift action and responsible decision-making in emergencies.

Focus on Vigilance: Furthermore, motorists were reminded to maintain unwavering focus while driving, particularly in the event of vehicle malfunctions. Neglecting attention could lead to potentially fatal accidents, highlighting the critical need for vigilance and adherence to safety protocols on the road.

Abu Dhabi Police’s continued efforts to educate the public on road safety reflect their commitment to safeguarding lives and promoting responsible driving practices. Through proactive measures and advocacy for adherence to traffic laws, authorities aim to cultivate a culture of safety consciousness and prevent avoidable accidents on the roads.

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