• Sat. Jun 15th, 2024

UAE Joins Global Commemoration of World Heart Day: Prioritizing Cardiovascular Health

Nationwide Initiatives Aim to Raise Awareness and Promote Heart-Healthy Lifestyles

In alignment with the global observance of World Heart Day, the United Arab Emirates is fervently promoting cardiovascular health and well-being through a series of initiatives that emphasize the significance of heart health.

Promoting Heart Health:

World Heart Day, celebrated annually on September 29th, serves as a platform to encourage individuals, communities, and governments worldwide to take action against cardiovascular diseases, which remain a leading cause of mortality globally.

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UAE’s Commitment:

The UAE, with its unwavering commitment to health and wellness, is actively participating in this global campaign by organizing various activities and awareness programs across the nation.

Health Screenings and Workshops:

Healthcare facilities and clinics are offering complimentary heart health screenings and workshops, allowing residents to assess their risk factors and gain valuable insights into maintaining a healthy heart.

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Promoting Physical Activity:

In line with the theme “Use Heart to Beat Heartbreak,” the UAE is also emphasizing the importance of regular physical activity in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Community fitness events, such as group walks and exercise sessions, have been organized to encourage an active lifestyle.

Healthy Eating Initiatives:

Nutritionists and dietitians are hosting workshops to educate the public about heart-healthy dietary choices, emphasizing the benefits of a balanced and low-sodium diet.

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The Power of Awareness:

World Heart Day in the UAE serves as a powerful reminder that taking proactive steps toward heart health is essential for a long and fulfilling life. By promoting awareness and encouraging healthy habits, the nation is paving the way for a future where cardiovascular diseases are minimized, and heart health is a top priority for all.

As the UAE joins the global community in commemorating World Heart Day, the message is clear: each beat of our hearts is a precious rhythm that deserves protection, and it starts with the choices we make for a heart-healthy life.


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