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Rainfall Hits Eastern Regions of the UAE


Oct 18, 2023 #UAE, #Weather

The United Arab Emirates experienced another round of rainfall today, with the eastern regions being the primary recipient of the downpour. The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) had earlier forecasted this rainfall, and as predicted, it materialized in the afternoon.

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Videos circulating online depict vehicles cautiously navigating rain-soaked roads, with windshield wipers working tirelessly to maintain visibility. In a striking scene, hailstones fell to the ground, creating an unusual spectacle as they covered the rocky desert terrain. These reports confirmed that the hailstorm occurred in the eastern regions, particularly in the vicinity of Fujairah.

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Yesterday, the NCM issued weather alerts for the region, raising a yellow alert in Fujairah, and orange and yellow alerts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These alerts were intended to caution residents about the adverse weather conditions and advise them to exercise caution when engaging in outdoor activities.

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The rain, though sporadic in the UAE, serves as a reminder of the region’s diverse climate and its potential to experience different weather patterns. It also underscores the importance of staying informed about meteorological updates and being prepared for such weather occurrences.

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