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Dubai Police to Introduce AI-Powered Accident Reporting System


Oct 18, 2023 #Dubai Police, #UAE

Dubai Police are set to revolutionize accident reporting with a new artificial intelligence-powered system designed to simplify the process and determine fault in road accidents. The innovative technology, showcased at the Gitex technology week, will be accessible through the Dubai Police app and will soon be available to the public, with nearly 90% of the system’s development already complete.

This pioneering system aims to significantly reduce manual tasks and streamline accident reporting, thereby saving time and resources for law enforcement. The platform allows drivers involved in accidents to easily submit essential data and photographs via the Dubai Police app. The AI-driven system then assesses the incident, determines fault, and highlights damaged areas based on the information provided.

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The system promptly generates an accident report, enabling Dubai Police to assign a red slip to those responsible for the accident and a green slip to those who were not at fault. This innovation promises to expedite the accident reporting process, reducing the need for in-person visits to police stations in cases where disagreements arise regarding fault.

Before the introduction of this AI-powered system, individuals involved in accidents often had to wait for police officers to arrive at the scene and make fault determinations. Although Dubai drivers could upload accident reports through the app, disputes surrounding fault often necessitated visits to the police station. Earlier this year, the ‘On The Go’ initiative was launched, allowing drivers to obtain accident reports at fuel stations and proceed with immediate vehicle repairs.

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This groundbreaking technology promises to enhance the efficiency of accident reporting and the accuracy of fault determinations, ultimately benefiting both the public and law enforcement.

The Gitex technology week, hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre, serves as a platform for over 6,000 companies to present cutting-edge technology and innovations, further establishing Dubai as a hub for technological advancement.

Dubai residents can anticipate the launch of the AI-powered accident reporting system soon, simplifying the process of reporting and resolving road accidents, saving time and resources, and promoting road safety.

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