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Quick Action by Ajman Police: Stolen Bag with Dh125,000 Recovered within Hours


Nov 9, 2023 #Ajman Police, #UAE

Police successfully trace and apprehend the alleged thief

The Ajman Police demonstrated remarkable efficiency in recovering a bag containing Dh125,000 just three hours after it was reported stolen. The incident, which took place in Rashidiya, Ajman, left the bag’s owner in distress, but thanks to the swift and effective response of the police, the stolen property was returned to its rightful owner.

The complainant, an Indian resident, explained the circumstances of the incident in a video shared by the police. He had parked his car in the basement of his residential building after returning from work and had placed his bag on top of another car while he attended to some other matters. Unfortunately, he forgot about it and went up to his apartment. Realizing the bag was missing, he immediately contacted the police and reported the incident.

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In response, a police team was promptly formed to investigate the case. Their efforts to identify the suspect led to a significant breakthrough, and within hours, the bag was successfully recovered from the suspect’s place of residence. The alleged thief admitted to stealing the bag after discovering it.

The complainant expressed his gratitude for the Ajman Police’s rapid response and efficient handling of the case. In less than three hours after reporting the theft, he received a call from the Ajman Police informing him that his bag had been located and returned.

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This incident serves as a testament to the professionalism and dedication of the Ajman Police in ensuring the safety and security of the community they serve. Their commitment to resolving such cases swiftly and effectively is highly commendable and provides reassurance to residents and visitors in the emirate.

The Ajman Police continue to be vigilant in their efforts to maintain law and order, providing a sense of security and peace to the residents of Ajman.

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