• Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Fujairah Police Responds to Viral Video of Car Swept Away in Valley After Heavy Rains

Fujairah, UAE – In response to a widely circulated video depicting a car being swept away in a valley following heavy rains, Fujairah Police have provided details on the incident. The dramatic footage captured the vehicle being engulfed by strong muddy waves in a flooded wadi, raising concerns about potential damages and casualties.

Fortunately, Fujairah Police clarified that the incident did not result in any harm to life or property. The driver of the swept-away car has been summoned, and necessary measures are being taken against the individual.

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Authorities have urged residents and social media users not to circulate such clips, emphasizing the importance of responsible sharing. The video, while alarming, serves as a reminder of the dangers posed by heavy rains, especially in mountainous regions.

Fujairah Police further emphasized the need for caution during adverse weather conditions and urged drivers to avoid venturing into flooded areas. The incident underscores the significance of adhering to safety guidelines and respecting weather-related warnings issued by authorities.

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As the UAE experiences sporadic heavy rains, residents are encouraged to stay informed about weather updates and exercise vigilance, particularly in areas prone to flash floods. The swift response from Fujairah Police highlights their commitment to ensuring public safety and taking prompt action in the face of such incidents.

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