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UAE Authorities Crack Down on Illegal Fireworks Amid Eid Al Fitr Festivities


Apr 9, 2024 #UAE

During the Eid Al Fitr holidays, medical professionals in the UAE are once again on high alert as they brace for an influx of emergency cases stemming from various hazards associated with the festivities. Dr. Shimna Suhail, a general practitioner (Emergency) at Aster Hospital Al Qusais, highlighted the grim reality faced by many as illegal fireworks continue to pose a significant threat to public safety.Despite stringent regulations and hefty fines in place to deter the use and sale of fireworks, unauthorized imports and sales persist in the country. Dr. Suhail emphasized the severity of injuries caused by these fireworks, ranging from life-threatening burns to significant limb damage. The dangers are evident as emergency rooms witness a surge in cases related to fireworks mishaps during this period.In response to the alarming trend, authorities have intensified their efforts to curb the illegal trade of fireworks. Just recently, the Ras Al Khaimah Police made a significant breakthrough by apprehending a dealer and seizing 18.5 tonnes of illegal fireworks.

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This decisive action serves as a stark reminder to residents of the inherent risks associated with fireworks and the strict consequences for flouting the law.Aside from fireworks-related incidents, emergency rooms also grapple with other burn-related cases, particularly those stemming from kitchen accidents. With families gathering to celebrate and prepare traditional feasts, the risk of accidents escalates, necessitating immediate medical attention and intensive care for critical injuries.In light of these challenges, authorities have issued appeals to residents, especially the youth, to exercise caution and responsibility, particularly on the roads. Reckless driving and dangerous activities pose a grave risk not only to motorists but also to pedestrians and residents in residential areas.Moreover, medical professionals advise the public to remain vigilant about food safety during Eid celebrations. Improper food preparation, storage, or handling can lead to severe outbreaks of foodborne illnesses, resulting in numerous individuals seeking medical attention in emergency rooms across the country.To mitigate the risks associated with Eid festivities, Dr. Shimna Suhail offers essential tips for public safety:Fireworks Safety: Abstain from purchasing and using fireworks, as they are illegal in the UAE.Food Safety: Ensure proper cooking, storage, and handling of food to prevent foodborne illnesses.Traffic Safety: Exercise caution while driving, especially during peak times, and refrain from reckless driving behaviors.Hydration: Stay hydrated, particularly in hot climates, and avoid excessive consumption of sugary or caffeinated beverages.Allergies: Be mindful of food allergies and dietary restrictions when preparing or consuming meals during Eid celebrations.As the Eid festivities continue, it is imperative for residents to prioritize safety and adhere to regulations to prevent avoidable emergencies and ensure a joyous celebration for all.

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