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UAE Companies Prioritize Employee Well-being with Enhanced Parental Leave Policies


Apr 11, 2024 #UAE

In the UAE, companies are recognizing the importance of supporting young parents and are adapting their policies accordingly. From extended paternity leave to compassionate allowances for difficult circumstances like miscarriages and stillbirths, firms are making strides towards prioritizing employee well-being.

Fine Hygienic Holding, under the leadership of CEO James Michael Lafferty, has implemented progressive policies close to his heart. Following personal experience with miscarriage trauma, the company introduced leave for employees facing similar challenges. Lafferty emphasized the importance of acknowledging and supporting employees during such times, countering the norm of treating such events as insignificant in the workplace.

Moreover, the company offers extensive benefits including four months of paid maternity leave, menstruation leave, and support for IVF treatments. Lafferty believes that investing in employee welfare translates to long-term benefits for the business, a principle endorsed by the company’s forward-thinking board of directors.

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The Chalhoub Group recently extended paternity leave to 30 days, recognizing the crucial role of fathers in newborn care. Wassim Eid, President of People & Culture, emphasized the importance of supporting fathers during this significant period. The group also provides additional amenities such as designated parking for expecting mothers and fully paid maternity leave.

Similarly, VFS Global introduced extended parental leave, providing four months of maternity leave and eight weeks of paternity leave. Kathryn Martin, Regional HR Head, highlighted the positive impact on employee morale and commitment.

However, implementing such policies presents challenges, particularly for companies like the Galadari Group with diverse job profiles. Dominic Keogh-Peters, Group Chief Human Resources Officer, explained the efforts required to tailor policies to accommodate various roles.

Galadari Group offers three months of maternity leave, with options for remote work upon return for eligible employees. This flexible approach aims to support mothers in balancing work and family commitments.

Despite challenges, these companies demonstrate a commitment to fostering a supportive work environment that prioritizes employee well-being and family life, setting a positive example for others in the region.

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