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UAE Weather Forecast: Relief Amidst Decreasing Rainfall and Cloud Cover


Apr 17, 2024 #UAE, #Weather

After enduring record-breaking rainfall from late Monday to Tuesday night, residents of the UAE can finally anticipate a reprieve on Wednesday, April 17. While the day is expected to remain cloudy with scattered rainfall in certain areas, meteorologists forecast a notable decrease in intensity, offering a welcome respite.

Partly cloudy skies are anticipated across the region, with cloud cover intensifying over coastal, northern, and eastern areas, where rainfall remains likely. The National Centre of Meteorology has indicated the development of convective clouds over coastal regions on Wednesday morning, gradually concentrating over Eastern and Northern areas. By Wednesday noon, a gradual decrease in cloud cover is expected.

According to forecasts, the threat of thunderstorms has receded, with weather patterns shifting away from the country. Humidity levels are expected to rise during the night and into Thursday morning, particularly in internal and coastal regions. Winds are predicted to remain light to moderate, occasionally freshening and leading to blowing dust in some areas. Sea conditions are forecasted to range from moderate to slight by evening in the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea.

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The UAE experienced unprecedented rainfall on April 16, 2024, resulting in significant disruptions and the unfortunate loss of an Emirati man’s life. The heavy downpour halted operations across various sectors, including transportation and aviation. The Dubai Metro ceased operations, stranding commuters, while numerous flights were cancelled, and Dubai International (DXB) airport diverted all inbound flights until conditions improved.

In response to the adverse weather conditions, mosques throughout the UAE issued messages urging Muslims to offer prayers at home, recognizing the challenges posed by the heavy rains as the nation grappled with the aftermath. As the weather gradually stabilizes, residents are advised to remain vigilant and heed official updates while resuming their daily activities.

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