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Burjeel Medical City Performs Successful Liver Transplant, Giving New Lease of Life to 66-Year-Old Patient


Apr 27, 2024 #health

In a remarkable display of medical expertise and teamwork, the medical team at Burjeel Medical City (BMC) in Abu Dhabi executed a successful liver transplant surgery, granting a new lease of life to a 66-year-old patient who had been battling liver cirrhosis and liver cancer for two years.

Fatima, the recipient of the life-saving transplant, had been grappling with autoimmune hepatitis, a condition characterized by the body’s immune system attacking liver cells. Her health deteriorated further when she was diagnosed with decompensated liver cirrhosis in 2022, followed by hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) a year later.

Under the care of Dr. Rehan Saif, Director of the Burjeel Abdominal Multi-Organ Transplant Programme, BMC, Fatima underwent rigorous evaluation and preparation for the transplant. Despite being on the waitlist of the Emirates Organ Transplant Centre and Ministry of Health and Prevention for six months, suitable donor matches eluded her on three previous occasions

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However, a deceased 23-year-old donor eventually provided Fatima with a lifeline. The medical team at BMC, following meticulous planning and coordination, conducted the organ retrieval and liver transplant surgery, overcoming significant challenges along the way.

Dr. Rehan emphasized the complexity of the surgery but expressed satisfaction with Fatima’s post-operative recovery, noting the healthy functioning of the transplanted liver.

The success of the liver transplant underscores the advanced healthcare capabilities available in the UAE, with BMC leading the charge in providing critical medical interventions to those in need. Dr. Rehan highlighted the commitment of BMC’s transplant team to expanding their services to encompass a wide range of liver diseases, including both adult and pediatric cases, utilizing both deceased and living donor liver transplantation techniques.

The triumphant outcome of Fatima’s transplant serves as a beacon of hope for patients facing similar medical challenges, reaffirming the UAE’s dedication to delivering high-quality healthcare to all individuals within its borders and beyond.

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