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UAE Students Brave Heavy Rains to Attend Board Exams Amid Remote Learning


May 3, 2024 #Education, #UAE

As remote learning was announced across the UAE due to heavy rains, students like Hassan from Sharjah embarked on a challenging journey to reach school for their board exams. Despite the adverse weather conditions, Hassan, a Year 11 student, was determined to write his exam on campus. With supportive parents and proactive school measures, Hassan and his peers navigated the storm to ensure they reached school safely and on time.

For Hassan, this wasn’t the first time facing such circumstances, as he recalled a similar experience during the thunderstorm on April 16. However, this time, better preparedness and familiarity with the route ensured a smoother journey to school. Despite the deserted school environment, Hassan found solace in the quiet atmosphere, enabling him to focus and revise effectively before his exam.

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Similarly, Dubai resident Simi’s children also braved the rain to attend their board exams, leaving home well in advance to avoid any delays. Despite the initial downpour, the journey to school was manageable, and they arrived early to ensure a stress-free experience.

The dedication and resilience displayed by students like Hassan and Simi’s children highlight the importance of education and the determination to overcome challenges, even in the face of adverse weather conditions. Their commitment to their academic pursuits amidst the storm serves as a testament to their perseverance and resolve.

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