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‘Dubai Mangroves’ Project Plans to Transform Coastline with 100 Million Trees


May 3, 2024 #UAE

A transformative project named ‘Dubai Mangroves’ aims to blanket the Emirate’s coastline with lush greenery by planting over 100 million mangrove trees. Spearheaded by sustainable cities developer URB, the project envisions a verdant landscape stretching across 72km of Dubai’s beaches, set to be realized in six phases by 2040.

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The ambitious initiative promises a blend of natural beauty and sustainable development, with renders depicting boardwalks weaving through mangrove forests, biospheres, and pocket beach parks. Educational and recreational elements are also integrated, including a visitor hub, botanical museum, and nature reserve conservation center. Should the project come to fruition, it holds the potential to offer guided nature walks, educational programs, and conservation activities, enriching Dubai’s ecotourism landscape.

Moreover, ‘Dubai Mangroves’ aims to generate approximately 10,000 green job opportunities, further contributing to the Emirate’s sustainable development goals. As plans progress, the project stands poised to redefine Dubai’s coastline, offering a harmonious blend of environmental preservation and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

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