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Dubai Schools Implement Fee Hikes Amid KHDA Ratings Release


May 4, 2024 #Education, #UAE

Parents in Dubai have begun receiving notifications of impending school fee increases for the upcoming academic year, following the announcement by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) regarding the Education Cost Index (ECI) for 2024-25. Schools are permitted to adjust fees based on this index, with increases of up to 5.2 percent allowed, contingent on the institution’s performance in the latest annual inspections.

Indian expat Sajna Ali expressed concerns over the rising cost of living, noting increases in grocery bills and extracurricular activity expenses. She shared her disappointment over the annual fee hikes, despite her children’s school achieving a ‘Good’ rating in KHDA inspections. Similarly, Arindham Banerjee highlighted the financial strain caused by fee hikes, particularly in light of escalating expenses and inflation.

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However, some parents, like Fathimath Manal, expressed relief at the modest fee increase, emphasizing gratitude for affordable education opportunities. Meanwhile, the release of school ratings by the KHDA aids parents in decision-making regarding potential school transfers for the upcoming academic year. Schools are rated based on performance, with designations ranging from ‘Outstanding’ to ‘Weak.’

While some parents welcome the transparency provided by school ratings, others, like Nawar Abdoun and Khattab Jubara, have navigated logistical challenges to ensure their children’s attendance at in-person exams amidst remote learning advisories.

Overall, the combination of fee hikes and KHDA ratings serves as a pivotal factor in parents’ decisions regarding their children’s education, reflecting both financial considerations and educational quality priorities.

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