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Gulf Region Prepares for Unified GCC Tourist Visa Launch with Exciting Travel Packages


May 13, 2024 #travel, #UAE
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As the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) gears up to introduce the unified tourist visa, local and global travel agencies are poised to unveil enticing travel packages for tourists eager to explore the region’s diverse offerings. Industry executives anticipate a surge in tourism as the visa will grant travelers the opportunity to traverse all six Gulf countries with ease.According to recent discussions at the Arabian Travel Market, packages will encompass stays in multiple countries, offering travelers an immersive experience across the region. These comprehensive packages, estimated to range from Dh4,000 to Dh5,000 and above, will cover travel, accommodation, and sightseeing across three countries.Rehan Asad, vice president for global markets at Expedia, hailed the unified GCC tourist visa as a significant step forward for the region, drawing parallels to the transformative impact of the Schengen visa in Europe.

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He emphasized the potential for increased intra-country travel, particularly between the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Oman.Recognizing the importance of catering to diverse traveler needs, Expedia plans to roll out dynamic tour packages tailored to different segments, with a focus on convenience and flexibility. These offerings will be informed by extensive research to ensure alignment with customer preferences.Anas Anane, associate executive at Traveazy, echoed sentiments of optimism, highlighting the visa’s potential to bolster the travel and tourism sector. He suggested that package costs could start from Dh1,500 per person for a single country, with variations based on peak and off-peak periods.Mohammed Farooz, executive secretary at Last Minute Tourism, disclosed plans to launch packages targeting Dubai, Oman, and Qatar markets, offering travelers the opportunity to explore multiple destinations within the region. Farooz emphasized the affordability of bundled packages, expected to be around 25% cheaper, making Gulf travel more accessible to tourists.Ross Veitch, CEO, and co-founder of Wego, emphasized the visa’s appeal to inbound tourism and regional residents alike. He predicted a surge in Chinese visitors, drawing parallels to their travel patterns in other regions, and anticipated a rise in business and leisure travel post-Covid, further fueled by the unified GCC tourist visa.With the imminent launch of the GCC Grand Tours visa, the Gulf region stands poised to emerge as a premier tourist destination, offering unparalleled experiences and opportunities for travelers worldwide.

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