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Students honoured with Diana Award for compassionate charity work: UAE

Sharjah-based 12-year-old student Ananya Manikandan has received multiple awards for her social and environmental work. But she says the latest award is very special to her. She is the recipient of the Princess Diana Award for outstanding young hero in the UAE. “This is a special feat and award of the highest order for me,” said the young social worker.Studying at DPS Sharjah, Ananya has made a significant impact through her social and environmental work.

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“She has been nominated for her outstanding cleanup drive and environmental campaign. With a passion for preserving the environment, she has organised numerous cleanup drives, including beach cleanups in Dubai, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman,” said Manikandan, Ananya’s father.Ananya constantly raises awareness on critical issues like plastic pollution, bullying in schools, refugees, and more through compelling short films and dramas created by herself. Many of her films were showcased at the Zabeel Ladies Club, captivating an audience of 400 individuals, and Oscar Theatre in Sharjah.In addition to her environmental pursuits, Ananya actively contributes as a member of the Water Alliance Association UAE and Emirates Environmental Group.

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“She is spearheading a neighbourhood recycling campaign. The Emirates Environmental Group has been awarding her consistently, ranking among the top 10 recyclers in the UAE,” said Manikandan.Her commitment to recycling extends beyond plastics and clothes, as she campaigns and distributes flyers to every household while also delivering impactful PowerPoint presentations on the importance of clothes reuse. “Ananya collects clothes from people and donates them to charitable trusts, fostering a culture of sustainability,” said Manikandan.

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Aalia Rumana, a 15-year-old student, has also been awarded for her social action or humanitarian efforts.Aalia has captured the hearts of many with her outstanding dedication to philanthropy and academic achievements. Personal experiences ignited her passion for helping others within their own family, where they witnessed the challenges faced by cancer patients. Determined to make a difference, Aalia embarked on a mission to raise awareness and extend support to those affected by breast cancer, orphans, individuals with disabilities, and underprivileged students.

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“Aalia has been appointed as a brand ambassador of the organisation ‘Protect Your Mom’. She has taken charge of organising impactful campaigns, fundraising, rallying the community to contribute to the noble cause of supporting cancer patients and spreading awareness about breast cancer,” said Beema Siraj, Alia’s mother.“Her efforts have motivated others to get involved,” she added.

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