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Elderly Israeli Hostage Released by Hamas Details Her Captivity Experience

An elderly Israeli hostage, Yocheved Lifshitz, who was released by Hamas overnight, has shared her harrowing experience of being abducted on October 7, 2023. Ms. Lifshitz revealed that while she was subjected to beatings upon her arrival in Gaza, her captors treated her kindly during her two-week captivity in the Palestinian enclave.

Lifshitz, 85, was one of two women who were freed late on Monday, leaving approximately 220 hostages still held by Hamas. She recounted her ordeal during a press conference held outside the Tel Aviv hospital where she was taken for medical evaluation following her release.

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Appearing frail in a wheelchair, Lifshitz described the moment of her capture, saying, “When I was on the bike, my head was on one side, and the rest of my body on the other side. The young men hit me on the way. They didn’t break my ribs, but it was painful, and I had difficulty breathing.”

Upon her arrival in Gaza, Lifshitz was taken into a network of tunnels that she likened to a spider’s web. Surprisingly, she noted that her captors treated her well during her time in captivity.

She informed the press that a doctor had visited her and ensured that she and the other hostages received the same medicines they had been taking in Israel.

Furthermore, Lifshitz expressed her belief that the Israeli military had not taken the threat of Hamas seriously enough and questioned the effectiveness of the costly security fence designed to deter militants. She commented, “The costly security fence meant to keep militants out didn’t help at all.”

Despite her ordeal, Lifshitz described her captors as “very friendly” and “very courteous” individuals who had meticulously prepared for taking hostages. She noted, “They seemed ready for this, they prepared for a long time, they had everything that men and women needed, including shampoo.”

Lifshitz also shared insights into the conditions during her captivity, stating that they ate the same food as their captors. Their meals consisted of pitas with cream cheese, melted cheese, and cucumbers, which constituted a day’s ration.

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Notably, Lifshitz was released alongside fellow Nir Oz resident Nurit Cooper, 79, three days after an American woman and her daughter were freed. The release of hostages has drawn attention to the ongoing situation in Gaza and the challenges faced by those held in captivity.


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