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Flydubai to Expand Operations with Al Maktoum International Airport


May 7, 2024 #Aviation, #UAE

Ghaith Al Ghaith, the CEO of flydubai, has outlined plans for the airline’s expansion with the upcoming Al Maktoum International Airport, highlighting the significant growth opportunities it will provide.

Al Ghaith stated that flydubai will commence operations at Jebel Ali in the next few years, emphasizing the need for growth at Dubai World Central. The airline plans to operate from two locations – Jebel Ali and Dubai International Airport – before eventually transitioning to Al Maktoum International Airport. He confirmed flydubai’s involvement in the relocation plan, emphasizing the seamless transition expected.

Dubai has announced a ten-year plan to relocate operations from Dubai International to Al Maktoum Airport. Al Ghaith assured that flydubai’s operations remained unaffected by the record rains in mid-April, which resulted in flight cancellations due to runway flooding. He highlighted the airline’s proactive crisis management, ensuring safe operations and minimal disruption to passengers.

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Regarding the financial impact, Al Ghaith ruled out any adverse effects on flydubai’s financials due to the rains. He also announced a retrofit project aimed at upgrading the cabin interior of the majority of its next-generation Boeing fleet, with completion expected by the end of the year.

Despite the challenges posed by the rains, flydubai achieved significant milestones, reaching 5 million passengers in the first four months of the year. Al Ghaith expressed optimism about surpassing last year’s passenger numbers of 13.8 million, expecting to exceed 15 million by year-end.

Highlighting strong summer bookings, flydubai plans to relaunch 10 destinations during the season. Al Ghaith dismissed the possibility of establishing another base outside Dubai, reaffirming the airline’s commitment to Dubai-centric growth. He emphasized the immense potential for expansion from Dubai, citing India as a key market with plans for increased capacity.

Flydubai’s strategic vision aligns with Dubai’s ambitions for aviation excellence, positioning the airline for continued growth and success in the dynamic aviation landscape.

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