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Wild Animal Sighting in Fujairah Prompts Investigation by Environmental Authority


May 7, 2024 #UAE

A viral video capturing a wild animal roaming near a residential area in Fujairah has sparked concern among residents, prompting the emirate’s environmental authority to launch an investigation into the matter.

On Monday, the Fujairah Environment Agency announced that it is actively looking into the situation. A specialist team from the agency is currently on the ground, verifying the presence of the animal in the area where it was sighted by residents.

The spotted animal, identified as Al Washq locally and also known as a Caracal, is described as a medium-sized cat capable of leaping up to 10 feet in the air to catch its prey. The agency is working to ascertain whether the animal is owned by a resident or if it is a stray. If it is found to be a pet, appropriate legal measures will be taken against the owner, the authority stated.

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Residents have been cautioned to steer clear of such wild animals and to maintain a safe distance if they encounter one. The agency has also urged wildlife enthusiasts to exercise caution and refrain from approaching the animal.

To report sightings of wild animals or similar incidents, residents have been advised to contact the authority’s toll-free number at 800368.

The environmental authority’s swift response underscores its commitment to safeguarding both residents and wildlife in Fujairah, ensuring the peaceful coexistence of humans and animals in the emirate.

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