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Air India Express to Reduce Flight Operations Following Crew Sick Reports


May 9, 2024 #world

Air India Express, the budget arm of Air India, announced plans to scale back its flight operations in the wake of disruptions caused by more than 100 cabin crew members reporting sick, leading to the delay and cancellation of over 90 international and domestic flights.

In a statement issued by the airline’s CEO, Aloke Singh, he addressed the situation, attributing the disruptions primarily to the absence of cabin crew assigned to the L1 role, which disproportionately impacted flight operations.

The cancellations left hundreds of passengers stranded, particularly those traveling from the UAE, with ticket prices on alternative airlines surging as news of the flight disruptions spread.

Entrepreneur Kishor Kumar shared his experience, stating that his flight from Kochi to Sharjah was cancelled just before departure, leaving passengers informed at the last minute.

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Singh acknowledged the gravity of the situation, highlighting the need to curtail flight schedules in the coming days to address crew shortages and recover from the operational setbacks.

Despite the challenges, Singh emphasized that the majority of the airline’s cabin crew remained dedicated to their service, and steps would be taken to address any concerns through open communication channels.

The disruptions have prompted concerns within the Ministry of Civil Aviation, which has requested a detailed report from Air India Express regarding the incident. The ministry has urged the airline to promptly resolve the issues and ensure that passenger facilities are in line with regulatory standards.

Sources within the ministry revealed that the flight cancellations and delays began on Tuesday night and persisted into Wednesday morning, impacting both domestic and international routes. Some senior crew members reportedly switched off their mobile phones just before flight operations, citing health issues, contributing to the shortage of crew members.

As Air India Express navigates through this crisis, passengers are advised to stay updated on flight statuses and make alternative arrangements if necessary.

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