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Dust Alert Issued for Parts of Abu Dhabi Amidst Hazy Conditions


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Abu Dhabi, UAE – Residents in several areas of Abu Dhabi are advised to exercise caution as dusty conditions are expected to affect visibility. The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has raised a yellow alert for Al Ruwais, Al Mirfa, Habshan, Sila, and parts of Liwa. This warning, issued at 9:30 am, indicates that hazy conditions will persist until 4:00 pm.

Impact on Visibility and Safety Precautions

The NCM has urged residents in the affected areas to be vigilant due to the reduced visibility caused by dust. In response to the alert, Abu Dhabi Police have also advised drivers to be cautious, maintain safe distances, and avoid distractions while driving under these conditions.

Weather Forecast

While the majority of UAE residents can expect a fair to partly cloudy day, some regions may experience light rain in the afternoon. The NCM predicts that cumulus clouds forming in the eastern parts of the country could bring brief showers.

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Wind and Sea Conditions

The weather is expected to be dusty at times, with winds blowing at speeds of 10-20 km/h, reaching up to 35 km/h. In maritime conditions, waves in the Arabian Gulf will be light to moderate, while those in the Sea of Oman will remain light.

Temperature Outlook

Temperatures are forecasted to peak at 43 degrees Celsius in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, making it crucial for residents to stay hydrated and take necessary precautions against the heat.

Safety Recommendations

  • Drivers: Slow down, maintain a safe distance, and use headlights to improve visibility.
  • Residents: Avoid outdoor activities during the peak dusty hours and wear masks if necessary to protect from dust inhalation.
  • General Public: Stay updated on weather conditions through official NCM channels and heed any additional advisories issued.

For more detailed updates and information on weather conditions, residents are encouraged to follow announcements from the National Centre of Meteorology and Abu Dhabi Police.

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