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UAE Set to Experience Rainfall as Temperatures Soar


Jun 6, 2024 #UAE, #Weather

UAE residents can expect rainfall over the next few days as the nation transitions into the summer season, according to weather experts. The showers, forecasted to be concentrated primarily in the eastern mountainous regions, come nearly a month after the last rainfall in early May.

Dr. Ahmed Habib, a climate expert from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), indicated that convective cloud activity is anticipated around June 8-9, which may result in rain over the eastern mountains of the UAE. “We are expecting convective cloud activity around June 8-9, potentially leading to rain in the eastern mountainous regions of the UAE,” Dr. Habib stated.

This weather pattern is influenced by the extension of the Indian monsoons, expected to affect the UAE for most of June. Although the UAE is not yet fully impacted by the monsoon, gradual effects are anticipated. “While the UAE is not yet fully impacted by this monsoon, it is expected to gradually experience effects,” Dr. Habib added.

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The formation of convective clouds and subsequent rainfall is contingent upon various factors such as temperature, humidity, and wind direction. Current indicators suggest favorable conditions for the development of these clouds, which could produce precipitation in the mountainous areas.

Dr. Habib also noted that rainfall would initially begin in Oman, with the convective clouds moving towards the UAE. “The rainfall will initially start in Oman, with convective cloud formation being observed over the region,” he explained.

Meanwhile, temperatures in the UAE have been on the rise, reaching a peak of 49.2°C last week. This trend is expected to continue, with temperatures exceeding 45°C in recent days. “About a week ago, temperatures began to rise across the UAE, and this trend is expected to persist over the coming weeks and months as part of the usual climate pattern,” Dr. Habib said. Current temperatures have climbed to 48-49°C and are expected to increase further.

In contrast to May, humidity levels have shown a slight decrease, particularly in the latter half of the month, reducing the likelihood of fog or mist formation.

As the UAE braces for high temperatures and the possibility of rain in the coming days, residents are advised to stay updated with the latest weather forecasts and take necessary precautions during the extreme heat.

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